Canon CXDI 401C

The CXDI-40C is a highly sensitive DR system. It features a 17 x 17-inch imaging area and it is designed for most general radiographic applications. Versatile and flexible, it comes in multiple wall stand and table configurations.

With advanced Canon technology, the CXDI-40C efficiently produces detailed patient images with reduced dose. The CXDI-40C’s Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor has a Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator and a very high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). These features allow all captured radiographic information to be transferred with almost no degradation, providing very high quality patient images while reducing x-ray exposure for the patient.

The CXDI-40C features Canon’s innovative and reliable technology, the Canon Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Sensor. Used in Canon products for over a decade, this innovative technology provides very high quality images without the time and cost involved with film-screen systems. The efficient Canon Control Station stores every captured image and displays preview images on a touch-sensitive LCD Operation Panel that can be easily mounted on a wall. Built-in software provides extensive networking capabilities allowing convenient connection to PACS, RIS or any DICOM printer.

Large Imaging Area ~ 17 x 17 inches
Immediate Viewing ~ Preview images within a few seconds of exposure
Quick Refreshment Cycle ~ Ready for next exposure in 15 seconds
High Resolution ~ 160 micron, over 7 million pixels and 4,096 shades of gray
High Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) Approximately 70% or higher
4 PACS, & 4 print destinations (2 each simultaneous)
Standard Connectivity ~ Ethernet 10/100 base T
Purpose General radiography
Method Scintillator + Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) sensor
Sensor Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Sensor
Scintillator Cesium Iodide (CsI)
Grid All standard grid sizes are available
Application Portable
Pixels 2,688 x 2,688 pixels (7.2million pixels)
Image size Automatic sizing up to 17 x17 inches
Pixel pitch 160 x 160 microns
A/D 14-bit
Grayscale 4,096 (12-bit) grayscale
Preview image Approx. 3 seconds after x-ray exposure
Total image processing Approx. 20 seconds per image
Interface DICOM 3.0, Ethernet 10/100 Base T
DICOM DICOM 3.0 compatible
  • Print Management Service Class (SCU)
  • Storage Service Class (SCU) (JPEG transfer syntax available)
  • Storage 40 GB (approx. 3,000 images) can be stored in Control PC.
    Voltage 100V, 120V, 230/240V(50/60Hz)
    Power consumption 200VA maximum
    Operating environment Sensor unit: 41°- 95° F, 30-75% RH (non-condensing)
    Certification FDA 510(k), FCC Class A, UL 2601-1, EN60601, CE 0197
    Dimensions, weight 21.8” x 21.7” x 4”, 45.9 lbs
    Control PC 11.8”W x 20.9”L x 23.4”H (300 x 532 x 594 mm)
    Operation/Preview Panel 15.7”W x 15.5”L x 5.9”H (399 x 394 x 150 mm), 14.5 lbs. (6.6kg)
    Data input Choices are:
  • DICOM Basic Modality Worklist Management Service Class (SCU)
  • DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step Service Class (SCU)
  • Other non-DICOM HIS/RIS communication
  • Barcode
  • phone / fax: 510-727-0261

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