OrthoMark® by RolleSolutions Inc. The First fully positional x-ray marker and calibration device!

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  • Acrylic Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1001
  • Magnetic Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1002
  • Standard Suction Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1003
  • Super Duty Suction Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1004
  • Clamp Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1005
  • Short & Quick Suction Base
    OrthoMark® OM-1006
  • Fixed Mount
    OrthoMark® OM-1007
  • Strap
    OrthoMark® OM-1008


Orthopedic surgeons used precisely constructed plastic "overlays" matched up with anatomy in standard X-Ray films to calculate the magnification factor and, to a degree, determine the correct prosthetic to be used in surgery. The rapid introduction and implementation of digital x-ray rendered standard overlays useless.

It didn't take long for orthopedic templating software packages to become available for digital imaging, however, in order to effectively plan for surgery there was still a need to determine the magnification factor inherent in the image. Many different methods were used but all shared a degree of difficulty and often provided unacceptable results. What was needed was an x-ray marker with consistent dimensions from any angle that was capable of being positioned over a wide range of locations.

By positioning OrthoMark's solid, 1 inch (25.4mm) stainless steel calibration ball at the precise anatomical plane of the shoulder, hip, knee—or any anatomy for that matter—during x-ray imaging, surgical planning software is able automatically find the x-ray marker in the image, calculate the x-ray magnification factor, and determine the true size of the anatomy in question. This helps to ensure that the appropriate prosthetic is selected before surgery.

We created OrthoMark® in 2005 and it's been working as expected since. A simple, affordable, and very functional product. We believe it is the most functional and adaptable product on the market.

OrthoMark® is available with a variety of bases and attachment methods and comes with a 25" arm which can be easily extended at any time. All parts are US supplied and readily available. Our stainless-steel calibration ball is solid and doesn't degrade when surrounded by larger body mass. If there is a special application that is needed for your facility, give us a call and we'll create it.

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Specs and warranty

*OrthoMark® is not compatible with the following chemicals, Chlorine, Acids, Ammonium Hydroxide, Bases Strong, Hypochlorite Ion Solutions, Sodium Hypochlorite, but is compatible with the following: Acetone, Alcohol (which happens to be an effective decontaminant for non-surgical products used with humans. Read more on that here), Ethyl, Detergents, Lacquer solvents, and Sodium Hydroxide.

OrthoMark® carries a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. That being said, in our products lifetime (over a decade) and thousands of sales, we have had only 2 (two) warranty calls. One was due to an abraded suction cup (manufacturing defect not caught), the other was due to a perfect drop that resulted in a disconnected arm.


Ordering is simple. We accept: *purchase orders via email from existing customers and **verified hospitals and clinics. We accept checks, credit cards, ach transfers—or wire, with a 20.00 fee—as payment methods, and you can find our price list below.

Note that credit card purchase options shown above include flat rate shipping, whereas the price list does not include shipping and is intended for those purchasing using a purchase order. Only actual shipping wil be billed.

When ordering using any method, we must have your ship-to address, name, facility, phone number, email address, email address of your accounts payable contact—if ordering using terms—and desired shipping speed. We ship by FedEx and USPS. If necessary, you may fax a purchase order to 510-727-0261

For orders outside the USA, please fill out the Required information for orders outside USA form and submit with your purchase order or payment.

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*purchase orders in excess of $500.00 subject to credit approval

**may be easily verified by online presence

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