To true Digital Radiography

We can have you up and running in less than a day in your new retrofit digital radiography room.

Your techs will enjoy the speedy image display (3 seconds or less), your radiologists will love the image quality, and the CFO and directors will appreciate the improvement to the bottom line.

Barring difficulties with patient positioning, chest exams can be easily completed in under 2 minutes, and a lumbar series in under 4!

We have over 50 digital upgrade sites available locally, and many more across the U.S., for site visits with a variety of upgraded OEM equipment such as Siemens, G.E. & Philips. Each upgraded room maintains it's original capabilities, including auto collimation.

We also carry brand new, fully digital x-ray rooms from Rayence, Siemens, Summit, Quantum, and MII.

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Back in 2004, this was brand a new Philips R/F room. It now pulls more than it's weight with a Canon 40G detector in both the upright stand and the table. There is also a CXDI 50G for performing free cassette work. It functions just as it did from the factory but at more than triple the speed of the original system.

  • Quantum upright stand with Canon
    Quantum upright stand with Canon CXDI 40G mounted. The Philips stand was replaced in some of these early installations because it was believed that they weren't upgradeable.
  • Canon control console
    Canon control console mounted above the Philips generator control
  • Table view with Canon CXDI 40G mounted
    Table view with Canon CXDI 40G mounted in place of the original Philips bucky.
  • Room view
    Room view
  • Close up view of the Canon CXDI 40G
    Close up view of the Canon CXDI 40G which fits perfectly inside the Philips R/F table.

This was a brand new digital ready Philips Bucky TH room that the customer chose to upgrade with Canon products. It is a 3 plate room with 2 Canon 40EG plates and 1 50G plate.

  • Control console
    Control console area showing the Canon touch screen and the Philips generator control.
  • Wall stand with Canon integrated
    Original Philips wall stand with Canon 40EG integrated. Looks like it was made that way!
  • Table with slide out
    Philips table with slide out 50G digital plate holder. Complete with grid and automatic exposure control.
  • Table with slide out - extended
    Philips table with slide out extended. Can be used for extremity work in this position and the digital plate can be removed and placed anywhere in the room for any study desired.
  • Table with 50G removed
    Philips table with 50G removed and being used on the table top. The plate can be now used anywhere in the room.

Upgraded with 1 CXDI 50G in a slide out tray and 1 CXDI 40EG on the upright stand. There are four of these rooms in a row. Total savings to the customer of over 1/2 million dollars and the room is far more productive. Installation took 4 days to complete.

According to rumor there are 4 digital rooms right across the hall (manufactured the other guys with 2 letters in their abreviated name) and they are used as a second choice to these upgraded rooms.

  • Upgraded Upright Stand
  • Slide out cassette tray
  • Slide out cassette tray
  • 50G removed from slide out tray
  • 50G showing off
  • RSi custom 50G stand
  • 50G with snap on grid attached
  • Side view of upright
  • Upright with 40EG in extremity position
  • Upright with 40EG in forward tilt position
  • Upright with 40EG ready for standing lower extremity work
  • Room view
  • Room view
  • Control area view

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