RadPro® UR2

Universal Radiography System (Straight Arm )

This Straight Arm Positioner is ideal for high volume chest rooms, outpatient, orthopedic and hospital environments. The small form factor allows placement in smallest of rooms, while the motorized movement for SID and vertical elevation is extremely quiet. For added safety, the unit incorporates sophisticated “collision avoidance” electronics. High throughput is achieved with automatic detents. The collimator on the straight arm positioner can move up to 80” IN out and 18” IN in. It moves manually with a concentrated laser light line. The system is easy for patient positioning with automatic detent at table height.

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Straight-Arm Positioner w/ Small Form Factor Allows Placement Into Smallest of Rooms
Quiet Motorized Movement for SID and Vertical Elevation
Automatic Detents for Higher Throughput
Intelligent Anti-Collision Systems
Fully Upgradeable with Canon CXDI DR Imaging Systems
HIgh Frequency Generator 100kHz
Microprocessor Control Yes (Standard)
Auto Diagnostic System Yes (Standard)
Power Output Yes (Standard)
Single Phase 32 kW through 80 kW
kVp Range 32 kW through 50 kW
mA Range 40-125, 150 kVp (Standard) on 50 kW - 80 kW
Time Range 1 ms -10 seonds
Rotor Control Low Speed or High Speed
Automatic Exposure Control Yes (Standard)
Motorized Movements SID, Rotation, Elevation ( Standard )
Motorized Bucky Rotation ( Optional )
Arm Rotation + 120° /- 30°
Movement Speed + / - 45°
Maximum Distance ( From Bucky ) Low Speed and High Speed Movement
Minimum Distance ( From Bucky ) 45.2” in (1150 mm)
Intermediate SID Yes, Capable From Any Angle
Tube Rotation 360° with 45° Degree Detents
Safety Devices Intelligent Anti-Collision Systems
X-Ray Tube 300 kHu, 400 kHu, 600 kHu
Collimator Manual Collimator with Concentrated Laser Light Line
Dimensions 104.3” H x 83” W x 66” D
Carbon Fiber Table Top
Stratified Laminated Table Top

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