MiiDR Digital Radiography interface

Upgrade Philips, GE, Siemens and other OEM X-Ray Rooms to digital radiography in minutes!

The MiiDR Interface enables seamless integration of DR detectors from any manufacturer into your existing x-ray system.

Functionality, such as auto-collimation, and workflow are not compromised, and the interface can be easily disconnected and moved to a new system should the need arise.

Any radiographic or fluoroscopic ‘smart’ system which requires cassette cycling (“cocking the bucky”) or has cassette size sensing and automatic collimation can benefit from the MiiDR Interface!

A Collimator Control Console, which is a small software application that can run on the DR system computer or a small tablet pc, gives visual cues to the technologist, letting them know the cassette orientation (portrait or landscape), and whether the table, wall stand, or free cassette have been selected. It also allows one touch collimation to any of the OEM available cassette sizes. In addition, the collimator size selection via the console is "sticky", meaning it will automatically open to the same size after exposure, eliminating a need to re-collimate.

*Collimator control console requires a Windows-based Operating System (tablet or PC) and a minimum resolution of 640 x 480

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