OrthoMark® OM-1001 orthopedic x-ray magnification marker

OrthoMark® OM-1001


The acrylic base OM-1001 x-ray magnification marker is designed for use…well…anywhere you see fit.

We’ve seen it draped over the top edge of an upright bucky and attached with Velcro to the upright stand itself.

Your imagination is the limit, but please be careful not to drop it on your toes.

That being said, the original intent was to stand freely on the x-ray table, or to slide beneath the patients leg to hold it in place.

Position the sphere normally after positioning the base.

For flat surfaces
Arm length: 24″
Weight: 24oz
Ball: 25.4mm/1″ Stainless

$191.00 (in stock)


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