OrthoMark® OM-1006 orthopedic x-ray magnification marker

OrthoMark® OM-1006


The “shorty 2.5” quick suction cup Model OM-1006 is designed for use on smooth surfaces, by fast techs.

When using, prepare OrthoMark for it’s destination by getting it as close to the desired plane of anatomy as possible. Then, holding the base in one hand, the end of the arm in the other, and in one deft movement, plunge the suction cup downward and simultaneously finely position the sphere. This should offer about two to five minutes of holding power.

When finished, it is a good idea to lightly clean the surface with water and place on a counter or in a cabinet to avoid dust gathering. It is also best not to leave the suction cup attached to a wall or your equipment. The suction will eventually dissipate and the unit will fall.

2″ short & quick suction
Arm length: 10″
Weight: 8oz
Ball: 25.4mm/1″ Stainless

$105.00 (in stock)


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