OrthoMark® OM-1011 orthopedic x-ray magnification marker

OrthoMark® OM-1011


The large clamp base Model OM-1011 is designed for use on any clampable surface, flat or round, up to 2.375” thick. It works especially well when attached to patient grab handles, or step stool and elevated stair handles.

When using, simply position and tighten. When attaching to a round surface, position the V notch on the fixed side of the clamp where you intend to clamp, use the speed tightening nut for coarse adjustment then the large wheel for additional clamping force. This is a strong clamp, so don't overtighten.

Position the sphere normally afterward.

Clamp: 2.375″ jaws
Arm length: 24″
Weight: 13oz
Ball: 25.4mm/1″ Stainless

$176.00 (in stock)


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