Fujifilm's core commitment is to create superior healthcare experiences for customers and patients.

Engineered for performance and long-term reliability, Fujifilm Digital Radiography (DR) suites help you to provide the highest quality of care. Designed for efficient workflow in busy environments, FDR digital radiography suites are easy to operate and allow both manual and automatic functions with user-friendly controls.

FDR Visionary Suite™

FDR Visionary Suite is the innovative digital radiography environment designed to improve the experience for both the technologist and the patient. Featuring automated positioning and optional, fully-automated advanced applications.

FDR Visionary Suite provides impressive speed and repeatability for faster workflow. Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology captures images with high sharpness and DQE with lightning-fast preview and cycle times.

Designed to speed workflow

FDR Visionary Suite offers a variety of features and automated functions that boost x-ray room productivity and efficiency:

SpeedLink™ automatically presets preferred, dose-saving techniques: collimation field size and more, to the exam menu selected at the FDX Console
Auto-positioning automatically moves the x-ray tube and corresponding detector to the required position for the exam (tube and detector can also be positioned manually)
Auto-collimation automatically adjusts field size based on Source to Image Distance (SID) and exam type selected at the workstation
Automatic x-ray tube tracking to manual movements of the table and upright detector
2-second image preview, 9-second cycle times

Ergonomic design is easy on technologists and patients

Lightweight ceiling suspension and tube head system for smooth and easy movement to any position, angle or height
Tilting upright stand (-20 to 90°) with motorized elevation
Large area tabletop and stroke with motorized elevation is easy to position and accommodates up to 649 lbs.


An x-ray suite with flexible DR workflow

Take full advantage of digital radiography workflow in an x-ray room that is optimized for use with FDR D-EVO detectors. FDR D-EVO Suite II offers just the right balance of automated and manual movements for the grab-and-go speed and dependability needed for even the most demanding environments.

FDR D-EVO Suite II is designed to put the technologist in full control of the system while staying close to the patient on the table or at the chest stand. The lightweight, ceiling mounted x-ray tube allows lighter and smoother positioning. The tube head features new automation and display features, including a convenient touchscreen for system adjustments traditionally found at the generator console. The system's workflow and auto tube tracking enhancements also provide benefits in areas where speed during the exam is critical.

Any of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO digital detectors, including the 17x17” detector can be used interchangeably with the FDR D-EVO Suite II. New FDR D-EVO II detectors are even more lightweight and more rugged. Multiple sizes allow technologists to mix, match and share sizes and capture types throughout the radiology department, including other rooms and portables.


A flexible digital x-ray room for small spaces and small budgets.

FDR D-EVO Suite FS offers a perfect fit, for a full digital x-ray room even when space is limited, with the speed and dependability for low to high volume, grab-and-go performance. Take full advantage of digital radiography workflow in a suite that is optimized for use with FDR D-EVO detectors (system can also be used with CR).

Scalable for your space and budget

Fujifilm's floor-mounted FDR D-EVO Suite FS is designed to meet your space and budget demands. This flexible DR solution saves space and simplifies installation costs by eliminating ceiling height requirements and construction costs associated with overhead x-ray systems.

Helping the technologist take control

FDR D-EVO Suite FS features high-end components and features such as auto-collimation and SpeedLink, which automatically maps preferred x-ray techniques and collimation field size to the exam menu selected at the workstation. Other user-friendly features include:
Telescopic and rotatable column simplifies offset and cross table exams
Simple, one-hand all-free tube head and column travel control
Low-elevation, edge-free tabletop eases patient transfer
Unique swiveling control handle eases raising and lowering the chest bucky for technologist

FDR Clinica

Clinical Confidence, Precision, and Optimal Efficiency

Fujifilm is proud to announce our latest high-quality, cost-effective x-ray solution. FDR Clinica delivers a user-friendly, smart workflow for busy imaging professionals.

FDR Clinica has all the advanced features you need to enhance workflow and improve the patient experience.

Tilting Wall Stand
A wide variety of exams can be performed using the optional tilting wall stand. Nonambulatory patients can be easily imaged in the seated position.

Dual-reference Rotation
Both top- and center-reference rotation are available in our rotating tray, with automatic connection to the detector. The detector can be rotated while mounted in the tray with no need to remove and remount, greatly reducing handling.

Automatic Connection
The detector cable and connector are built into the tray, enabling the detectors to be automatically connected when set in the tray. This new function greatly improves efficiency and provides a clean look with no need to manage cabling. The automatic connection to the detector keeps the battery charged in the event that wireless operation is required.