Seamless DR Digital Radiography interface

Integrate Digital Radiography Detectors into existing Philips, GE, Siemens and other OEM X-Ray Rooms!

The Seamless DR Interface is a "plug-n-play" device that enables seamless integration of DR detectors from any manufacturer into your existing x-ray system. It requires no splicing, can be "unplugged" for OEM service if needed, and enables all OEM functionality, such as auto-collimation, cassette sizing, and cassette presence.

Any radiographic or fluoroscopic system which requires the technologist to slide the cassette tray out, or remove the cassette after each shot - also known as cassette cycling or "cocking the bucky" - or has cassette size sensing and automatic collimation, will benefit from the Seamless DR Interface.

The Seamless DR interface allows your DR detectors to remain in the bucky at all times, reducing the potential for drop damage and workplace injury, and increases the volume capability of your room. In short, your x-ray room will now act as if it came from the factory with integrated DR.

SDR Interface
Special Items
Seamless DR Full Auto Kit
The Seamless DR Full Auto kit was created for radiographic rooms with two or more DR panels. Most radiographic rooms with multiple DR panels installed face a major issue.
The first is that OEM equipment is not capable of having cassettes/detectors in the table and wall buckys at the same time. This functionality was by design and intended to prevent exposing multiple films. With DR there is no need to prevent this as the detector not being used is effectively turned off by it's control software.
The second is that most OEM equipment must "see" that a cassette/detector has been removed from the system before a subsequent exposure can be made. The SDR FA kit changes this functionality and allows detectors to be in all buckys simultaneously and "cycles the bucky" automatically after each exposure.

The SDR FA allows radiology techs to make unlimited exposures without ever having to pull the cassette tray or panel out of the system. The SRD CC1 can also be used with the SRD FA to allow different collimation sizes to be selected, such as a smaller size like extremities (hand, foot, etc.).

The SRD FA can be installed in minutes. It can also be removed in minutes to allow an OEM service engineer to work on the equipment in it's OEM state.

SDR FA1PA - Philips Analog Rad/RF
SDR FA1PD - Philips Digital Rad/RF
SDR FA1PF - Philips RF with FOCH
SDR FA2GP - GE Proteus
SDR FA2GPR - GE Precision
Seamless DR Stand Alone Kit
The Seamless DR Stand Alone kit was created for radiographic rooms with a single DR panel that is moved between the table and wall stand. In rooms such as this there is a desire to leave the DR detector in the bucky without needing to remove it or "cycle the bucky" until or unless it needs to be moved to an alternate location.

The SRD SA can be installed in minutes. It can also be removed in minutes to allow an OEM service engineer to work on the equipment in it's OEM state.

SDR SA1PA - Philips Analog Rad/RF
SDR SA1PD - Philips Digital Rad/RF
SDR SA2GP - GE Proteus
SDR SA2GPR - GE Precision
Seamless DR Collimator Control
The Seamless DR Collimator Control is a small software application that can run on the DR system computer or a small tablet pc and gives visual cues to the technologist, letting them know the cassette orientation (portrait or landscape), and whether the table, wall stand, or free cassette have been selected. It also allows one touch collimation to any valid cassette size. In addition, the collimator size selection via the console is "sticky", meaning it will automatically open to the same size after exposure, eliminating the need to re-collimate.